Ross Warner lives on Long Island with his extremely patient wife, Samantha, and their two amazing kids, Sarah and Aaron.  He maintains his audio archive of every Grateful Dead concert ever played even though his two kids make it unlikely that he'll have time to listen any time soon. Ross has been writing about the three pillars of popular culture (television, music and film) since high school; his work has appeared in such magazines as American HeritageCinema RetroHittin’ The NoteHeeb, and Glide.  As a writer, he is probably best known for his long-running blog on the San Diego, now Los Angeles, Chargers.  Justice Is Coming, founded in 1995, landed him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2002.  His football writing has also been featured in Sports Illustrated’s “Si Online” and Blitz Magazine, he was the featured columnist on the Chargers for Bleacher Report and he currently contributes pieces on pop culture to Book & Film Globe.  His work on his other major life's obsession, the Grateful Dead, has been similarly featured in both books and magazines. He is proud to say he attended 138 Dead shows while Jerry was alive and that he is still bummed out that the Chargers bolted from San Diego to LA even though he's never lived a day in his life in San Diego.  Drunk on Sunday is Ross's first book.


Coming in 2020

Drunk On Sunday, the debut novel from ROSS WARNER



Rob Gross is a pop culture junkie whose life had been long guided by his obsessions for the Grateful Dead, Animal House, Godfather II, and the San Diego Chargers. For Rob, college in upstate New York is a blissful melange of malt liquor, bootleg tapes, casual sex, and fraternity "one-piece" parties. Life becomes more challenging when the Dead's Jerry Garcia dies and Rob gets fired from his first post-graduate job that he had grown to despise. Without the benefit of a playbook, and after much trial and tribulation, Rob ultimately finds a career and the woman of his dreams in New York City and learns that settling down isn't the same thing as settling.


Drunk on Sunday is the story of becoming an adult despite trying like hell to avoid it at every turn. It's the story for every person who tries to find their way in the world while still tethered to those things one can't seem to let go. It's a story for anyone who has tried to find themselves on the road to responsibility and adulthood without losing sight of who you are. The journey is so often greater than the destination, but in Drunk on Sunday, Rob learns that his biggest obstacle isn't finding someone to share his life with, but figuring out how to deal once he does. And, it's a book that girlfriends and wives will want to buy for their significant others. 

“You don’t have to be a Chargers fan to relate to Ross Warner.  If your team has ever hurt you or let you down, you already get it. Sadly, that’s all Ross and I know.  I have known Ross for 4 decades and we have shared our football frustrations and dashed hopes more times than I can remember, (but Ross recalls every one.)  We are all Ross Warner and Drunk On Sunday is his therapy.  It’s up to us to let him know that we understand. That being said, the Chargers better win a Super Bowl during our time on Earth or I’m gonna be pissed.”  

- Eric Stangel, Emmy-winning Writer/EP The Late Show with David Letterman

Chargers fan since 1979 and friend of Ross’ for life



“Ross Warner cuts through the haze of stoned Saturdays and drunken Sundays with sharp and direct prose that illuminates the struggle to become a man while retaining a boyish enthusiasm for life.  It perfectly encapsulates the fight to balance love of family with love of football and music, constantly buoyed by a soundtrack as essential to this story as it is to life’s everyday experiences. He brings to life a story that many of us can intimately relate to.”

- Alan Paul, New York Times Bestselling Author, One Way Out: The Inside Story Of the Allman Brothers Band and Texas Flood: The Inside Story Of Stevie Ray Vaughan


"It was the week prior to Christmas, 2004 and the San Diego Chargers were in Cleveland to clinch their first AFC West in a decade. There was bitter cold and heavy snow. I had to return immediately to New York, but there was a serious concern possibility that all flights would be cancelled. As I sat at the gate, I met a devoted Charger fan, Ross Warner, who had flown in for the game. Since we had won, he wasn’t the slightest bit concerned about getting home.  Our conversation turned into a long relationship in which I learned his total dedication to the Bolts. I saw him at numerous games throughout the years. He has seen the team everywhere. His fandom and his knowledge are unparalleled. He loves his Chargers."

- Jim Steeg, Former Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, San Diego Chargers 


“In nearly three decades of covering the Chargers, I’ve come across few fans as passionate and as witty as Ross Warner.  He has countless tales and he knows how to tell them!  I’m looking forward to his book, Drunk On Sunday.”

- Jay Paris, Former Chargers Beat Writer and Author of Game Of My Life: San Diego Chargers


"Even as a Bills fan, scarred for life by Dan Fouts to Ron Smith with 2:08 left, I still enjoyed this tale. It’s terrific and right there with Frederic Exley’s A Fan's Notes.”

- Rich Blake, Talking Proud: Rediscovering the Magical 1980 Season of the Buffalo Bills

Ross Warner


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